Overview and Maintenance of Meinberg LANTIME Systems, Hands-on Lab

Efficient administration of your LANTIME server works out well with some fundamental knowledge in time and frequency synchronization. We will cover basics in synchronization technologies, learn about NTP and PTP timing protocols and have a detailed look in different Meinberg products with particular hardware and software functions for successful troubleshooting.

In the course you will learn key LANTIME features such as NTP Client Monitoring, NTP security methods or how to configure 99 available virtual interfaces with separate VLAN settings.

Meinberg Product Training is suitable also for you, if you have just realized timing synchronization requirements in your network, but may not know where to start or which technology is the best choice to meet your needs. Come and join us as well!


Sync Technology Specialists, Network Administrators, Network Architects and Integrators

This is a course where you get to know Meinberg Products in details. Either you have already purchased a Meinberg time server or synchronization solution and you want to learn how to configure and manage it correctly; or you are looking for the proper synchronization equipment and you are collecting knowledge along with technical information to meet the best sync decision.

Thematic Block 1
  • Introduction of Time and Frequency Sync systems
  • Redundancy methods (Cluster mode, High availability Bonding)
  • Network Timing Overview: Introduction to NTP and PTP
  • Multi-Reference Source Concept – MRS
  • Other time and frequency signals: PPS, 10 MHz, IRIG DCLS/AM, E1/T1
  • Meinberg Product range with different form factors and functions
  • GNSS / Longwave antenna positioning and installation
  • Case Studies for different industries
  • Hands on labs on Thematic block 1
Thematic Block 2
  • LANTIME Management and Monitoring: V6 Web GUI
  • Network Configuration
  • Virtual interfaces, separate subnet settings (VLAN, gateway…)
  • Network Services
  • NTP Client Monitoring
  • Alarming and Messaging (SNMP, Email, User defined channel)
  • Firmware update / upgrade
  • CLI, SSH, Telnet, FPC und other remote network connections
  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
  • Hands on labs on Thematic block 2

German or English (depending on participants)


After the Meinberg Product Training the participants will be able:

  • To configure a LANTIME or IMS time server properly for a particular network
  • To install the antenna and troubleshoot GPS / Longwave reference signal
  • To monitor and administrate a time server via different interfaces
  • To understand hardware and software components of a time server for efficient troubleshooting
  • To understand the advantages of synchronized networks in different industries
  • To know main specifications of NTP and PTP synchronized networks
  • To identify and configure the proper time / frequency sync equipment for a particular application

To participants who attend actively the theoretical and hands-on part of the Tutorial a MSA Certificate of participation will be granted.


Meinberg Product Training is initially a 1 –Day course, from 9 am to 5 pm.

However, the covered topics can be extended correspondingly to participants’ requirements or raised interest in other Meinberg products. In this case additional theoretical and practical examples may be provided and the course may be up to 2 days long.


MSA Venue at Meinberg Company in Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

745 € + VAT

This is the price for a 1-Day course at MSA premises.

The Tuition fee for a one day course includes: tuition, color printed course materials, an MSA participation certificate, free Wi-Fi access, coffee break refreshments and a lunch. No accommodation and travel costs are included in this price.

For participants from the same company we grant a 10% discount * to each further Tuition fee, starting with the 2nd person.
* Discounts are not cumulative. If more than one discount a time is entitled to a person, we approve the highest %, but not their accumulation.

For pricing within USA and Canada, please contact: http://www.meinberg-usa.com/contact.htm


Ready to book the training? Please fill in a registration form and send it to the MSA office.



Please note that a Tuition fee does NOT include accommodation and travel costs.

Accommodation options in the neighborhood of the MSA campus:

  • Hotel Steigenberger (central in Bad Pyrmont, 3 km from the MSA). Please note! Meinberg customers get a special discount for accommodation & stay in the Steigenberger Hotel. Therefore, let us know and we can make a reservation for you.
  • Classic Flair Hotel (central in Bad Pyrmont, 3 km from the MSA)

Do not hesitate to contact our MSA office (+49 5281 93 09 0 or info@meinberg.de) if you need some further organization assistance or andreja.jarc@meinberg.academy for more information on the content of this tutorial.

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