NTP Key Features, Monitoring and Management,  Hands-on Lab

Everything you ever wanted to learn on Network Time Protocol (NTP) in a compact and efficient way.  NTP is the most widely used time protocol for network synchronization. It has been invented in the late 1980s and the current version is v4, which is compatible with all older ones. This standard protocol is used for time synchronization of Unix/Linux and Windows systems with accuracies ranging from micro to milliseconds, depending on different network environments. It is applied in various industries from power, automation, traffic and controlling, telecommunications, data centers to corporate IT to list a few of them.

In order to configure a timeserver for your particular architecture extensive options and protocols are available. In the class we will introduce you to remote management and monitoring of Meinberg LANTIME servers via Web GUI, CLI, front panel and SNMP. Redundant NTP server configuration will be explained in detail; a cluster server mode and high-availability bonding will be shown and practiced as hands-on examples.

This is a classroom-style course that combines theory with a hands-on experience.


Network Administrators, Network Architects, Network and IT Engineers

Thematic Block 1
  • NTP overview and key features
  • Time packet sequence
  • Ntpd, ntpq, ntp. conf
  • Linux / Windows Time Service (w32time)
  • Stratum 1 to Stratum n architectures
  • Redundancy Concepts
  • Cluster mode and High Availability Bonding
  • NTP security measures
  • Hands-on lab to Thematic Block 1
Thematic Block 2
  • Management and monitoring of a LANTIME
  • V6 Web GUI
  • NTP Client Monitoring
  • Trigger alarms and notification channels
  • Firmware update / upgrade
  • SNMP Management
  • CLI, SSH, Telnet, FPC und other remote connections
  • NTP short listed Linux commands
  • Hands-on lab to Thematic Block 2

German or English (depending on participants)


After the NTP Complete course the participants will be able:

  • To describe benefits of an NTP synchronized network
  • To apply NTP synchronization in different platforms and industries
  • To understand important NTP network related concepts
  • To install and configure an NTP server for a particular use and functions
  • To efficiently manage and monitor Meinberg LANTIME NTP server
  • Basic troubleshooting of an NTP server

To Participants who attend actively the theoretical and hands-on part of the Tutorial a MSA Certificate of participation will be granted.


NTP Complete is initially a 1 –Day course, from 9 am to 5 pm.

However, the covered topics can be extended correspondingly to participants’ requirements, with advanced theoretical and practical issues. In this case the course may be up to 2 days long.


MSA Venue at Meinberg Company in Bad Pyrmont, Germany.

745 € + VAT

For pricing within USA and Canada, please contact: http://www.meinberg-usa.com/contact.htm

The Tuition fee for a one day course includes: tuition, color printed course materials, an MSA participation certificate, free Wi-Fi access, coffee break refreshments and a lunch. No accommodation and travel costs are included in this price.
For participants from the same company we grant a 10% discount * to each further Tuition fee, starting with the 2nd person.
* Discounts are not cumulative. If more than one discount a time is entitled to a person, we approve the highest %, but not their accumulation.


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Please note that a Tuition fee does NOT include accommodation and travel costs.

Accommodation options in the neighborhood of the MSA campus:

  • Hotel Steigenberger (central in Bad Pyrmont, 3 km from the MSA). Please note! Meinberg customers get a special discount for accommodation & stay in the Steigenberger Hotel. Therefore, let us know and we can make a reservation for you.
  • Classic Flair Hotel (central in Bad Pyrmont, 3 km from the MSA)

Do not hesitate to contact our MSA office (+49 5281 93 09 0 or info@meinberg.de) if you need some further organization assistance or andreja.jarc@meinberg.de for more information on the content of this tutorial.

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